Fresh fruit stand with boysenberries, raspberries, cherries and grapesEveryone has something they want to make healthier, whether it be their body, their mind, their soul, or their relationships or work. For me, it’s starting with my body, mind, AND soul. I think the rest will follow in their own time!

I will be adding health tips I have learned here, in addition to the basic ones we are all aware of!

  • Stretch!
  • Drink plenty of water! (Some doctors estimate the number of ounces to be equivalent to the number of pounds you would be, if you were 1/2 your weight.
  • Be active!
  • Eat wisely!
  • Don’t starve! If you deprive your body of its much needed sustenance, it will go into a survival mode. It’s instinctual, you can’t avoid it. It will grab on to everything that gets near it, and it will not want to let go. Feed your body. It will thank you for it.
  • Try to love yourself! I know it’s hard, trust me, I do. However it is one of the most important steps to take, in order to make a healthier you. Why would you work so hard to take care of something you hate? You wouldn’t. So love yourself. You’ll take better care!
  • Walk more. Worrying about the closest spot at the grocery store will not benefit your body. Walk the few extra steps. It might also save your cardoor from dings! 🙂

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