Hey guys! This blog is welcome to Males and Females alike, particularly anyone who likes to cook! Due to being such a public page, I feel the need to set a few mild ground rules:

checklist1. There will be no spamming tolerated. (This includes trying to sell something that is not involved DIRECTLY in a recipe you have posted. IE: Pampered Chef spices, PartyLite sauces, Wilton frosting mixes, etc.)

2. There will be no harsh language tolerated! What this means, is that no one is given the permission to be rude to another user or to the admin(s) here. If you have an issue with someone, talk to them in private, or message an admin. This may or may not include profanity. Stating that something is ‘*blank* incredible!’ is much less harsh than stating someone is ‘*blank* stupid for using that ingredient.’ Understood? Good šŸ™‚

3. There will be no toleration of posting published or otherwise copyrighted material without consent or some type of acknowledgement. If it is YOUR OWN published work, that means you have consented to post it.

4. I mean no harm in creating this site. Think of it as a digital recipe box. We all clip recipes from magazines and books, and trade and share recipes with family and friends, so here is a community box to keep everything in. With the widening of the use of tablet PCs and such, it is becoming much easier to carry an online recipe into the kitchen and use it! Feel free to do that here! No need to print unless you simply cannot bring it into the kitchen. I will try to sort everything according to main ingredient AND if there are special food needs addressed. If we simply do not have a lot of recipes using Cous Cous for example, there will also be a category for ‘Other’. If a category is hidden, that simply means we have yet to receive or post any recipes with that category in mind.


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