After having created a healthy weight loss journey page on FaceBook, I considered to display a collection of appropriately healthy recipes, specifically geared towards those who are intent on losing or maintaining their weight in the healthiest manner possible – the natural way. Several of my friends on that site agreed that I should have a blog of such. I hope to initially post some of my tried and true recipes, as well as some published recipes. I will always list publications where recipes were found, IF they are published. If they are not, and were provided by a friend/family member or follower of this blog, that name will be posted as well.

Now, some ‘diets’ that are out there are basically natural, so oftentimes I will list things that are recommended by certain ‘diet plans,’ tumblr_m0qjb8gVgY1qb68o8o1_500however most of the listings here are simply following a moderate fat/carbohydrate, minimal unneeded sugar plan. Calorie counts will be considered as well, however the recipes herein may not always include nutritional information, due to the variety of brands of different ingredients. If I do list the nutritional value, it will be that which was used by the person who sampled the recipe prior to it being placed on the site.

No agreements have been made herein, regarding how much weight will be lost, or how certain foods will react to certain body types, as there are a multitude of different allergies and sensitivities in the general population, and therefore you should be aware of what you are feeding yourself. This is for your sole discretion. 🙂

The recipes that I post that are from scratch (or as close to it as possible) are ones that I have tried myself (or one of the followers have). They will be as tried, but that does not mean there isn’t another alteration that can make it better. That being said, feel free to share your own experiences with said recipes, and feel free to post your own recipes that you feel will be beneficial to someone looking to better themselves health-wise!


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